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BackSpin features the industry-leading TruGolf simulators.  Below is an excerpt from the TruGolf website:

TRUGOLF™ is the only simulator to use two types of sensors (one for club head tracking, and the other for ball flight data collection); used in conjunction with the largest ball flight data sampling (we have at least a 10 ft. sample of ball flight info vs. others who have only a few ft. of ball flight info), it results in the most accurate system out there.

Because of our incredible degree of accuracy, we’re the only simulator with the capability of reading your fade or draw and accurately simulating it. Other systems guesstimate the distance of your shot, unable to read fades or draws.

The technological advances we’ve made with our Element6™ engine are unprecedented in the industry. We’ve developed features so cutting edge in golf simulation; we’ve pushed well beyond any competition for many years to come.